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Erica Wolf

Wolf Law PLLC of Seattle is the affiliate law firm for the Prodigy Law Group. The firm has been working with Prodigy Law Group and its clients throughout the state of Washington since April of this year. According to Prinicipal Erica Wolf, the association with Prodigy Law Group has opened up an important new client base for the firm.

"While the Washington state economy remains strong in many ways, for those who have experienced hardships, there is a great need for attorneys experienced in foreclosure counseling and predatory lending," Wolf observed. "Before the recession, most of my work involved estate planning, drafting purchase agreements, and incorporating new businesses. Now, many of those same clients, both individuals and small businesses, are just trying to keep what they've got and stay afloat."

Wolf offered some specific examples of situations these people are facing. In representing individuals, she has seen many cases in which one spouse loses a job or becomes ill, resulting in a one-earner family. These cases can be devastating when the mortgage and/or health care expenses become overwhelming and late fees pile up.

"For those families that get legal help early on, we have successfully negotiated with lenders and debt collectors to reduce mortgage payments and fight unfair collection practices," she noted.

In representing small businesses, she has helped struggling firms work out payment plans with debtors and creditors, to keep the stream of commerce between suppliers and contractors flowing. She continues to represent entrepreneurs who also need business consulting, trade secret agreements, and strategies for other start-up issues.

"Prodigy Law Group has a great reputation for diligent work, and I am proud to be associated with them," Wolf said. "One of the reasons I became an attorney was to provide homeowners and small businesses, the heart of America, with quality legal services for a reasonable fee. Prodigy Law Group reflects these same values."

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