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"Our goal is to provide legal representation to consumers who face foreclosure and other significant financial challenges," says Seth Heyman, Managing Director of Prodigy Law group. "Millions of decent, hardworking people have found themselves in dire straits, often for reasons beyond their control. They are the people we're here to help."

Some have been robbed of the equity in their homes through predatory lending schemes. Others are facing harassment by abusive debt collectors. Unfortunately, many of these people trusted large financial institutions and an imperfect regulatory system that has simply failed to serve them well.

That's why Prodigy Law Group was created to provide a dependable and professional resource for consumers, families and small businesses around the country seeking help dealing with the many legal and financial challenges arising from the current hostile economic environment.

"Millions of people consistently undertake significant legal obligations without the benefit of legal representation," notes Prodigy Law Group Attorney Gary Patton. "They routinely enter into complicated contracts to borrow large sums of money to purchase a home, open a business or buy a car, then trust the system to protect them. But all too frequently that hasn't worked."

The firm is dedicated providing sound legal advice to not only assist with the resolution of their current difficulties, but to try to help them avoid similar situations in the future.

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