Monthly Newsletter September | 2009
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"Our goal is to provide legal representation to consumers who face foreclosure and other significant financial challenges," says Seth Heyman, Managing Director of Prodigy Law group. "Millions of decent, hardworking people have found themselves in dire straits, often for reasons beyond their control. They are the people we want to help."

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Featured Article

Four Signs of Predatory Lending
The reckless mortgage boom of the early 2000's saw millions of Americans renegotiating the loans on their homes in reaction to low interest rates. Alongside this increased demand followed a large number of dishonest mortgage brokers looking to take advantage of people looking to refinance their homes.

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News & Events

Prodigy Law Group has made a $1,500 gift to the YMCA of Orange County, California, to support local teen participants in the YMCA Youth and Government program. It is a national "model legislature" program designed to prepare young adults to become the next generation of leaders in business, politics, education and community.

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Attorney Profile

Erica Wolf
Wolf Law PLLC of Seattle is the affiliate law firm for the Prodigy Law Group. The firm has been working with Prodigy Law Group and its clients throughout the state of Washington since April of this year. According to Principal Erica Wolf, the association with Prodigy Law Group has opened up an important new client base for the firm.

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